Location: 330 E. 4th Street
Contact: Judy
Phone: 683-2000

Greentree, as always, has a wonderful selection of gift ideas for that special someone in your life — especially if it’s YOU! I don’t know about you, but when I go shopping, I find more for ME than for whomever I’m shopping for. Since I rarely go shopping, I always buy ME what I want! You CANNOT go into Greentree without finding at least a half dozen things YOU want. But, I digress.

A word to the wise: Don’t go to Huntingburg without visiting Greentree!

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2 thoughts on “GREENTREE”

  1. Laurie Cougill said:

    I LOVE going to visit Greentree, the jewelry, the clothes,the decorative items, and so much more bring me back to Huntingburg over and over again! I love the friendly downtown, home atmosphere of downtown Huntingburg-it’s worth the drive!!!


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